Wow… good job!

girl,winter,photography,snow-a95f188afde9222a317ba2f831459f74_h*Please, just don’t tell  me another so called story about how it’s all gonna  be okay…

* Okay …I’m not.. BCS it isn’t. We screw up….we all really really screw up…life sucks…and you know what? ! I don’t wanna stay and cry for a million years. I try….too….maybe too hard to stop me screaming and crying but you don’t even think at this. It’s not okay, everything screw up.. Does that make you fell better? You think I would have you let you walk out the door if I had the choice? I’m not going to listen to every sad song  I’ve ever downloaded, on repeat. And now? Everyone has a life that no one else knows about. I don’t want to enjoy my life again…okay, maybe …sometimes. I’m sorry…okay? I have a lot going on right now. But sorry doesn’t change what you did! You can’t fool friend, that’s what makes them friends! Now…. I’m not going to sit there and wait an “abracadabra hocus-pocus man” to fix all my problems. I don’t want to lose my life bcs I have just one. So come with me. All we have  right now is……… we have each other. So, If you want  to lose the only thing that was left…Go on! Do this! You haven’t enough blue blood in veins!

Forever with you,



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